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Hello from all at acubondi


Beautiful Spring is well and truly here! This is a time of big change, from the cold contraction of winter energy to the warm expansive nature of spring. It can feel a jolt to our bodies after the sleepier slower winter time, so we have collected together a few tips to help you make the most of this wonderful regenerative season.



Spring is the time of the liver, our all action organ! The liver is the biggest solid organ in our body and with our care it is capable of regeneration. In Chinese Medicine the liver relates strongly to the condition of our muscles and tendons. Longer warmer days can make it easier to exercise, and introducing a morning or afternoon stretch to our daily routine can help our bodies feel strong and protect us from injury.   The liver also relates to good eye health and functionality, so add some eye stretches into your day and take regular breaks from looking at computer screens.  

Liver Qi tension can accumulate in our bodies and result in stress, anger and frustration. A combination of exercise, meditation and acupuncture treatments help our patients bring their health back into balance. Acupuncture can help the overall health of our bodies and help us deal with common spring ailments like hay fever and sinus congestion so we can enjoy the new season.  


In Chinese medicine the diet at this time of year is light and cleansing, after the heavier foods of winter. Green is the colour of spring, and the taste of the season is sour, so eating seasonal leafy greens is a great way to boost your vegetable and vitamin intake. We have found a lovely tasty recipe for you to try, it's quick, tasty, nutritious and perfect for spring!  

"Rise; and put on your Foliage, and be seen   

To come forth, like the Spring-time, fresh and greene"   

Robert Herrick  

Spring is a time for new beginnings and growth
& here we are with our first newsletter!


Spring Asparagus (time to prepare 5 mins, MAX!) 


Asparagus is often celebrated as a sign of spring

and this recipe is delicious, simple and clean.

It can be enjoyed as an accompanying dish or on its own.



600g asparagus

1 cup of parsley roughly chopped

½ cup of chives roughly chopped

½ cup of basil roughly chopped

60 ml olive oil

20 ml of umeboshi vinegar or lemon juice


Drop asparagus in boiling water for 1 minute, take out and place in a bowl of cold water.

Roughly chop herbs, add to a bowl with olive oil and umeboshi plum vinegar or lemon juice, then mix. 

Drain and plate up the asparagus, top with herb dressing and salt and pepper to taste.  

Yummy yummy!

Acupuncture research 

In our seasonal newsletters we will include a piece of peer reviewed research. Since this is our first offering we thought you would like to see a more general project that collated all the current research and evidence to date for over 100 conditions. Here is the link to the plain English summary to the Acupuncture Evidence Project which was published in 2017.


Massage therapists at 5a Ebley Street

Finally, spring seems like the perfect time to let you know about our lovely massage therapists Emeric Israel and Irene Marcari who have both been working at 5 a Ebley Street for years. They are highly experienced and have unique skills to suit your massage preferences. Massage prompts the release of endorphins – the brain chemicals that produce feelings of wellbeing, reduces stress hormone levels, and has many physical benefits to the muscles, joints and circulation. Perfect for this season and as we approach the end of year.

Please go to our practitioner page to read more about Emeric and Irene, and they both have their own websites.

Best wishes to you all. we hope you enjoyed our first newsletter and look forward to seeing you at acubondi next time


Catherine, Kristina and Anya

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