What to expect when you come for a treatment


The clinic is a friendly and comfortable environment where you will be able to relax, feel well served and taken care of.


  • During your treatment you will lie and rest for about 40 minutes. The experience is usually very relaxing, most people will fall asleep or at least experience a period of deep relaxation.


  • Your appointment will last approximately an hour.


  • We will take some personal information from you, which, is stored on a secure system and used only by us. You will be encouraged to look at all areas of your health that you feel aren’t 100%, e.g. sleep, digestion etc even if you have only come for a look at your tennis elbow.


  • Occasionally miracles will happen and your condition will have dramatic improvements after only one or two treatments, however, the more profound remedies will occur with a course of treatments.


  • Usually we would see you once a week for a few weeks to start with, unless the situation requires more frequent treatment. When your condition improves we aim to space the treatments out until treatment is no longer needed.